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Company mission: to provide high quality engineering plastic profiles, accessories and professional services for the machinery industry.

Company philosophy: innovation, quality and technology leadership, customer first.

Nanfang nylon products Co., Ltd. is an enterprise engaged in the design and processing of engineering plastic profiles and mechanical accessories. Has a full set of imported production equipment, strong technical force. Since its establishment in 1988, the company has developed a variety of products, which have been widely used by many domestic well-known machinery and equipment manufacturers and end users, to replace imported similar products, and exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Taiwan and other countries and regions. The company implements ISO9001 (2008) international quality system.

All kinds of engineering plastic profiles, PA, POM, UHMW-PE, PU, PETP, PC, PPS, peek, PI, etc

Wide range of parts processing, mass customization service

Years of exquisite technical experience and manufacturing process

Professional technical consultation


Synthesis of polymer materials

A variety of series of MC nylon, oil nylon bar, pipe and plate production. Using the imported technology, the product quality has reached the standard of nylacast company.

One of the company's long-term plans is to broaden the size range of engineering plastic profile processing and improve the ability of practice to make perfect. Not only provide standard profiles to dealers and end customers, but also design and manufacture profiles of specified shapes for customers.

Various molding processes


Equipped with a new CAD system and connected with the machining center (CNC), it provides a full set of services for the specific requirements of customers, including the material selection in the component design stage, the determination of material specifications, and the final processing.

Skilled staff, efficient equipment, perfect testing means, all aspects of products and services have been effectively controlled, which is a strong guarantee of manufacturing quality.


Injection molding and extrusion

Self developed mold design and manufacturing, easy to test and repair mold, experienced color matching professionals, greatly shorten the processing cycle. It can not only process all kinds of complex shape pure materials such as nylon (PA), Polyoxymethylene (POM), polypropylene (PP) and their modified materials, but also excellently complete the production of all kinds of workpieces with strict process requirements and large wall thickness. For the nozzle material and machining leftover materials for special recycling, to achieve saving, environmental protection requirements.

Polyurethane casting

Responsible for the molding of polyurethane (PU) products. It can meet the hardness and color specified by customers, and can also be cast with metal core. The unique polyurethane metal bonding technology realizes the purpose of increasing torque, increasing load and no degumming, and greatly prolongs the service life of accessory products.

Mold design and manufacturing

With advanced EDM, wire cutting and other professional equipment. With unique design and excellent quality, Nanfang's Nylon molds are well-known all over the country.


Broad support

Technology and R & D advantages: our engineering team has more than 20 years of engineering plastics application and processing experience, deep understanding of material properties and the development of a series of high-quality accessories have won wide respect from customers. The processing flexibility of MC nylon and other engineering plastics products, combined with advanced technical means, make them have significant advantages in replacing other materials.

Product development is to improve the performance of basic MC nylon, polyurethane and other polymers, keep the difference with competitors, and enhance the competitiveness of the company. The process development can complete centrifugal casting, injection molding, extrusion and other new molding processes, provide the most suitable size for the market, improve production efficiency and reduce costs; the centrifugal molding process of our company can produce MC nylon bar with diameter less than 50 mm.

All these are the key to the sustainable development of the company.

Nanfang nylon Co., Ltd., as a unit of China Engineering Plastics Industry Association, Guangdong composite materials society and Guangdong Province, keeps close cooperation with the Institute of polymer materials of Sun Yat sen University, School of materials of South China University of technology, Guangzhou Composite Materials Research Institute (Guangzhou Institute of plastic aging, former Ministry of chemical industry) and other units all the year round; the company acts as an agent for DSM and other foreign well-known engineering plastics.

Quality assurance: in addition to the implementation of ISO9001 quality system, the company has also obtained independent quality certification from many well-known users (such as Guangzhou Otis Elevator Company). Manufacturing quality is the key to product quality. Operators are trained to conduct on-line testing and inspection of products in the production process. The quality inspector makes the final inspection before the product is delivered. For MC nylon profiles, all of them are detected by ultrasonic; for products with special requirements, the overall X-ray detection is carried out.

Sales and technical consulting: a competent sales and technical consulting team is the guarantee of successful marketing and good image of the company. The business department is responsible for developing domestic market and export affairs. Sales personnel with intermediate title or above are as high as 60%. While recommending the company's high-quality products to customers, they also provide a complete set of solutions for material selection, design, machining, machining post-processing, etc.

Distribution and inventory control: Based on years of business experience and computer customer service system for adequate stock, is one of our advantages. The specifications and colors of stock profiles and advanced engineering plastics are listed in the company's product catalog and updated on the company's website at any time. Offer preferential ex factory price and sales training to distributors.

MC nylon

PA natural color

MC nylon (monomer casting nylon) is a kind of engineering plastics widely used in almost all industrial fields. It is a casting product which is formed by anionic polymerization technology, casting the dissolved caprolactam monomer with catalyst in various shapes of molds under normal pressure. The molecular weight of MC nylon is as high as 70000-100000, which is three times of that of nylon 6 and nylon 66. Therefore, its comprehensive mechanical properties are much better than other nylon materials. It is one of the important energy-saving materials vigorously promoted by the State Planning Commission.


Nanfang nylon has been persisting in the research and development of modification technology of MC nylon for many years, which has greatly broadened its application fields. Using MC nylon as the base material, various modifiers such as compound oil lubricant, molybdenum disulfide, graphite, glass fiber, carbon fiber and nano mineral powder are added in the reaction process to make it more wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, aging resistant, self-lubricating, vibration absorbing and noise absorbing; at the same time, due to the simple process and mold structure and relatively low manufacturing cost, it becomes a substitute for copper, stainless steel and aluminum alloy And polytetrafluoroethylene.


Oilon green

Oil containing nylon is a new product successfully developed by Nanfang nylon company in the late 1980s by introducing the advanced technology of nylacast company of England. It is a true sense of self-lubricating nylon, forming a liquid lubrication system in the casting process, which significantly improves the service life of oil nylon bearing, reaching 6 times of that of ordinary nylon 6 bearing and 25 times of that of phosphor bronze bearing! The lubricant contained in oil nylon will not be lost, absorbed and exhausted, and it does not need to be added again. The uniform distribution of lubricant in oil nylon ensures the stable performance of bearing during the whole service period, and improves the wear rate and sliding friction performance. Oil containing nylon greatly broadens the application range of nylon, especially for some parts that cannot be lubricated.



Application cases of MC nylon

MC nylon is mainly used in machinery, chemical industry, electronics, automobile and other fields to replace copper, tin, Babbitt alloy and stainless steel in manufacturing friction parts and structural parts. Because of its inherent excellent performance, it is more and more widely used in almost all industrial fields, such as mining, metallurgy, petroleum, construction, textile, papermaking, shipbuilding, hydropower engineering, environmental sewage treatment, marine development, military machinery and so on, with significant economic and social benefits.


Packaging machinery

MC nylon is suitable for manufacturing gears, worm gears, curved rails, chain plates, chain wheels and backing plates in packaging equipment such as beer, beverage, food, medicine, cigarette and cosmetics.


Papermaking machinery

Various wear-resistant and sliding elements, such as dryer gear, scraper, pulley, shaft sleeve, etc.

construction machinery

Wear resistant and sliding parts of mining, port, construction and other machinery, such as port crane pulley, heavy roller, elevator pulley and escalator drive sprocket, as well as bearing and shaft sleeve.


Pharmaceutical equipment

MC nylon is non corrosive, non rusty and non adhesive. It is suitable for all kinds of rollers, gears, baffles and other parts on the drug machine. It is an engineering plastic conforming to GMP standards and FDA regulations.

Water conservancy and environmental protection equipment

Large hydraulic slide block, sewage treatment; scraper wheel, scraper of sludge scraper, grid of decontamination machine, grid tooth rake, dehydrator drum and other wear-resistant components of secondary sedimentation tank.


electronics industry

Mainly the application of antistatic nylon products, such as chip tray, various parts with antistatic requirements in the clean room, such as casters, handles and other products.

Metallurgical equipment

Base plate of shearing machine, slide block of universal joint of cold rolling mill, roller of calendering plate, backup plate of cutting machine, etc.

Calender roll of MC cast nylon series

Wide size range, can be customized according to user drawings. Widely used in printing and dyeing, knitting, papermaking, chemical industry, water treatment and other fields of products calendering, replace the traditional cotton roller, wool paper roller, with temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, good elasticity, high strength, long service life and other advantages, product quality is leading in China, exported to Pakistan, the Middle East and other places, welcomed by users.

Wind power generation

Blade, shaft sleeve, etc.

Nuclear industry

Sliding bearing, shaft sleeve, telescope bracket, etc.

*********Automobile manufacturing***********

Automobile manufacturing industry is a big consumer market of polyamide engineering plastics. MC nylon can be used in many parts of automobile, such as engine head, filter branch pipe, electrical parts and body parts. For example, it can be used to make the balance rotating shaft gear, which is stronger than the metal gear and reduces the noise of the car when driving.

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